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80% Instaforex Daily Rebate


80%Trading Rebate!

Welcome to all.

80% rebate for you??? Yes! It is true. Every INSTAFOREX trader that registered his/her trading account under my affiliate account will be received 80% rebate commission or 1.2 pips rebate commission for every position his/her had entered. Payment is DAILY and direct to your trading account. No regret...and you'll be satisfied with my service.

Trading commission will be paid to my affiliate account base on your trading. It is important to record or save  all your trading history.

Example :

Your position : BUY 1.0 lot GBPUSD  . Then after certain time, you CLOSED that open position.

 In this scenario, I will be paid USD 1.50 or 1.5 pips by the broker in my affiliate account. This is the total commision.

TOTAL COMMISSION = USD 1.50 (1.5 pips)

0.3 pips or 20% = USD 0.30 ( This is what I get...)

1.2 pips or 80% = USD 1.20 (This is yours...and it will be credited in your trading account by me automatically DAILY)
  • You must closed your trading position (lost or profit) minimal 3 pips and above. Can't below than that...
  • If you closed your trading position by 1 or 2 pips, we will not get anything from the broker. Please be informed.


How our rebate system work?

The system of commission Rebate is an automatic system which refunds part of the commission (spread), paid for executing operations on Forex market. Within the framework of this system I get Rebate on behalf of you  and set the volume of rebate to grant (in points) for all my affiliates.

The system of commission Rebate is targeted at improving traders' motivation for opening real accounts, because after the registration using my affiliate link, you will be able to receive a part of my commission. Rebates will be transferred from my affiliate account to your account every day.

If you have any questions concerning Rebate-system do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail:

How and when the rebate will be paid to you?

All the rebate commission will be automatically calculated and paid DAILY to your trading account


How to register the trading account?

Please follow this step carefully.

STEP 1 : Go to

STEP 2 :  Click For Traders > Open Account

STEP 3 : Click "Accept terms of agreement"

STEP 4 : Fill in the form

  • Affiliate code : global

And finally , Click "Open account"


How to acknowledge me that you are registered the trading account under my affiliate account?

Please fill in the form below, and please put 80% REBATE REGISTRATION in the 'Subject' column and please give us these particulars in the 'Message' column :
  • Name : 
  • Trading account number : 

Your Name :
Your Email :
Subject :
Message :
Image (case-sensitive):
Conformation email will be send to you as soon as we received your registration particulars. Then, you can proceed to deposit your money into your trading account.

*Notice: all rebate-payments to your trading account do not require any actions from your part, except from the one-time registration using form above. There is no need to send us the statements, run deal records - all these transactions will be carried out automatically once a day by means of direct payment to your trading account.

For your information, all rebate commissions will be paid daily ( after end of that particular day plus around 18hrs and longer for Singapore Server's trading account ) and automatically by the broker (Instaforex Partner Division)  direct to your trading account. The payday is everyday (including Saturday and Sunday) except Monday and Tuesday.

Payment of these rebate is done by them. We just wait for the payment. My task is only allocate the rebate percentage in their system through my Partner Cabinet. Others than that is done by them. Don't'll be received it in a short of time. If delayed, it is on the broker side. We have nothing to do with it.

If you want to ask anything about your rebate, you can freely contact them at :

INSTAFOREX Partner Relations Department - Working Time: 8:00-17:00 (GMT 00)

Yahoo Messenger: IFX.partners_consultant
Yahoo Messenger:
Skype: IFX.partners_consultant
ICQ: 421473957
ICQ: 464247433
Phones: +7 (4012) 771-583.


Any problem? You can contact me using :
Email : taklukjagat1[at]
Yahoo messenger : akutaklukjagat[at]
Skype : takluk.jagat



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